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What You Need to Know About Aggravated and Felony DUI Charges

The first time you are pulled over for a DUI and charged as a first time offender may be considered a misdemeanor. Normally the charges are minimal and can easily be dismissed. However, the moment you commit a felony offense or any other type of crime in addition to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you risk going to prison for more than a year if you are convicted of aggravated DUI. In short, aggravated DUI is the same as felony DUI.

Factors that Can Change a Misdemeanor DUI into a Felony DUI

  • driving on an expired license
  • driving without ever having a valid license
  • driving on a suspended license (for any reason)
  • driving with expired insurance or no insurance at all
  • causing any kind of bodily harm to a passenger under 16
  • causing great bodily harm to another
  • causing permanent disability or disfigurement to another
  • causing death to another
  • driving a school bus with a passenger under 18
  • driving in a school zone and causing bodily harm to another
  • having 2 or more prior DUIs
  • having a prior Reckless Homicide

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